OIL & GAS Industry

Onshore installations in the oil & gas industry operate 24/7 and face strict safety regulation in the same time. Safety, security and continuity are key criteria to make the operation successful. Good communication, vision on every aspect of your plant and security measures on you perimeter and IT network are some of the solutions needed to excel. Rolloos provides dedicated solutions for refineries, onshore drilling and chemical plants.


CCTV Solutions for refineries, onshore drilling and chemical plants

Rolloos Industry Oil Gas Refinery


General process monitoring, perimeter surveillance and tank farm monitoring are important safety solutions at a refinery.

Our CamPro IP CCTV solution makes it possible to monitor your complete site, day and night. Through integration with your Fire & Gas Alarm systems you gain full insight in your perimeter, site and processes.

Monitor the temperature variations by including thermal imaging cameras. Include our smart analytics to introduce automated alarms.

Rolloos Industry Oil Gas Onshore Drilling


To improve your operation, access to knowledge and experience is essential. However, this is not always possible. Onshore drilling rigs are usually remotely located. This makes it challenging to incorporate this local operation into your corporate business and network.

Our CamPro IP CCTV solution allows you for monitoring your remote operation at any location, for example your HQ. Our Private GSM solution enables you to implement dedicated apps and contact your remote workers always and anywhere!

Rolloos Industry Oil Gas Chemical Plant


Chemical plants face many similar challenges like refineries. ATEX, IECEx or UL certified systems are required at many parts of the site. Safety and (cyber) security are key.

As specialist in ATEX certified solutions, Rolloos provides you with the insights you need. All our Communication, CCTV and Weighing solutions are available in both Ex and non-Ex versions.

Additionally, our Cyber Security solutions enable to secure your critical infrastructure to the maximum.


  • Increase efficiency and quality through distributing your organizational knowledge and experience throughout all your sites
  • Dedicated solutions for harsh and critical environments and remote locations
  • IP CCTV solutions to monitor your operations anywhere; Mobile Communication solutions for direct communication and implementation of mobile apps
  • Our solutions and products are often available in both Ex and non-Ex versions

To quickly receive an offer or for questions and feedback, please send us an email through the form below or contact us via +31 10 - 4500 500.

For questions or feedback, do not hesitate to contact us via +31 10 - 4500 500 or send us an email through the form below. We'll answer your request within 24 hours.