Guard Lone Worker Protection Solution

Not every job can be done in teams. Working alone can lead to dangerous situations. Guard is a mobile security solution for lone workers that could get in into physical or socially dangerous situations. Onshore and offshore. Via GPS or using Bluetooth beacons.

Get help, anytime, anywhere

In case of an alarm Guard makes sure that the right action is taken by contacting and informing a designated person or department. The designated person receives additional information on the alarm type and the last known location of the person in need. Guard can be fully customized and alarm procedures can be integrated with external emergency response centers.

Physical or socially dangerous situations
Danger comes in many forms. Whether it’s a difficult task or a troublesome visit. Guard increases your security in both situations.

Always a precise location
In case of an alarm, the Google maps address can be complemented with the location of the last passed indoor beacon.

Tailored to your organizational needs
The Guard solution can be tailored to your organization. Therefore Guard is not only suitable for use onshore, but definitely also for your offshore operations.

Man-down technology
Guard uses its advanced man-down technology to detect calamities (man-down situations) and to subsequently raise an alarm automatically.


The timer triggers an alarm if an employee is busy longer than was expected. The timer is running on both the mobile phone and the Guard server. If the employee does not check out within the time set by him, the alarm is put in motion. The timer is ideal when the job is carried out in places where there is poor data coverage.


Guard senses when an employee is no longer moving, or has fallen, by reading the sensors of the mobile device. The employee will be notified that an alarm is about to be triggered through vibrations and an acoustic signal. The man-down function is useful when hazardous activities are performed out of sight of colleagues.

Panic button

An alarm can instantly be triggered if the employee presses the alarm button. The employee will be notified of this through a short countdown until the alarm is actually triggered. There can also be chosen for a silent alarm. This way an employee can also raise an alarm discretely; Unnoticeable for people in his direct vicinity.


Guard determines the location based on GPS and additional algorithms that enhance the accuracy. Offshore or in larger buildings this method of localization can sometimes be insufficient. Placing (Atex) beacons delivers helps to improve the localization. In case of an alarm, the address of the last passed beacon is also passed on.

Alarm procedure

In the event of an alarm Guard ensures that the right person within an organization gets notified. Guard instantly provides information about the type of alarm and last known location. It's also possible to have this procedure vary by time frame. The alarm procedure can be completely tailored to your own organization.

High level of Privacy & Security

Guard ensures the privacy of employees by showing only location data when an alarm is triggered. This data is highly protected through the use of the Microsoft Azure platform and the use of secured SSL connections, hash checks, certificate pinning and timestamps.

The benefits of Guard

  • Raising an alarm quick and discrete
  • No additional devices required
  • Higher productivity by limiting dual deployment of employees
  • Employee opportunity to invest in personnel
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