Viewport Document Solution

Viewport Document Solution

Rolloos Viewport document solution


Keeping track and control of all your documents from complex assets is extremely difficult and time consuming. The huge amount of documents is scattered around your organization and filed within different databases. A single topic is often distributed over multiple documents, which are not actively linked. Finding the right information is inefficient and can take up to 15% of your time, daily.

Our Rolloos Viewport Document Solution enables you to find all relevant information instantly. We create a centralized knowledge-base that is accessible to your complete organization. It saves time to find the right information, unlocks the clever solutions your people have within their silo and is easy to implement.



  • Fully searchable - Clickable cross-references between documents and their content make your knowledge fully searchable
  • Integrating most file formats - OCR and algorithms handle 300+ file formats
  • Combining manuals and drawings - Intelligent shape & text recognition combines drawings, manuals, reports, etc.
  • Self-learning - Adaptive to document structure changes
  • Alerting - Detecting and alerting incorrect and missing relevant documents
Rolloos Viewport Tag Information


Viewport is capable of automatically searching and building an index of all the information held on multiple information systems then, using artificial intelligence and machine learning, establish cross references between data and documents.  During the ‘surveying’ process Viewport can ‘flag’ both missing data or documents and, missing information within the documents thus acting as a quality audit.

Asset information is not static and is frequently updated via the individual systems.  Viewport maintains and updates the cross references in real-time and providing a single and current view at all times.

As a result, Viewport ensures ‘continuous asset data improvement’ importantly, without the need or cost to replace any existing systems.

For Engineering Viewport can act as a publication and notification platform that complements and adds value to your existing engineering and project management systems and processes. Viewport provides an integrated overview of all relevant data and notifies users when their documents or drawings have been changed.


Companies like Total, Centrica and NAM selected our solution for their assets documentation monitoring.

Rolloos Viewport Customers ONE Total NAM


  • Fully web-based
  • Viewer with fully automated, clickable links to equipment information, drawings and documents
  • Support for 140+ file formats, including AutoCAD and MicroStation
  • Connects to multiple data sources like SharePoint, SAP, Maximo, DM5, and file systems
  • Intelligent algorithms extract information from scanned documents and drawings
  • Recognition of tag numbers, line numbers, drawing numbers and document numbers based on flexible patterns
  • Consistency reports identify omissions in source systems
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