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We have developed a new data search system which gives you complete access to your important documents including technical drawings, manuals, service reports, operational data, real-time data and so much more. If you are spending too much of your precious time searching for documents then this is the answer to your problems. Essential for those working in the marine and offshore industry.

Our Viewport Document solution creates a centralized and digital database of all your documents and information in one view. It uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to cross reference between data and documents on multiple information systems. With our big data we guarantee you can access the right information instantly at the touch of a button.

The easy to use centralized database is accessible for all employees in an offshore, marine, oil or gas company, which ensures a fast, efficient and time-saving working environment. It adds value to your existing engineering and project management systems and processes.  For new builds, it offers an overview of entire engineering project which can be accessed by stakeholders.


  • Fully searchable
    Click and search through your information using cross-references that are generated automatically between documents and their content
  • Digitization
    All your documents and content is made available in PDF and HTML5
  • Integrating most file formats
    OCR and algorithms handle 140+ file formats
  • Combines manuals and drawings
    Using intelligent shape & text recognition manuals and drawings are being combined
  • Quality control
    By having continuous insight is missing or incorrect information you are able to quality control you complete knowledge database
  • 140+ file formats
    Viewport supports over 140 file formats, including AutoCAD and MicroStation

  • Multiple data sources
    Viewport will not replace anything, it is a solution that is an overlay of your existing system like SharePoint, SAP, Maximo, DM5, and file systems

  • Intelligent algorithms
    Using advanced algorithms and clever processes information from scanned and original documents and drawings is extracted automatically

  • Tag recognition
    Tag numbers, line numbers, drawing numbers and document numbers are recognized based on flexible patterns

Rolloos ensures a more efficient and safe solution for companies which operate in the oil, gas, marine and offshore industry.

We are technology specialists you can rely on!

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