Industrial facilities are high-intensity work environments with special operational and safety requirements. They often operate in high risk and harsh environments, which is especially challenging. Therefore, visual information is key for monitoring and safeguarding processes. But where do you find the quality you need? A sophisticated Rolloos IP CCTV System Solution will give you all the images you need to guarantee a safe and efficient operation. The modular systems are dedicated to working in harsh and remote environments. Allow yourself to save time and money by acquiring the right vision.


Importance of CCTV solutions

Here at Rolloos, we want to make working in harsh and hazardous industries more efficient and safe. We have a strong vision of how we want to achieve this. By creating innovative, integrated solutions that leverage information into insights. It is our goal to utilize these insights and make them available across all aspects of harsh and hazardous operations. To be a strategic partner to our customers for CCTV solutions, mobile communication, weighing, crane safety and industrial cyber security. That is how we want to help you: by having eyes where you need them, 24/7.

What sets Rolloos IP CCTV system apart?

We offer you smooth and simple integration of CCTV IP cameras, workstations, network and additional functionalities. Everything you need, we can accomplish for you. Choose from different kinds of cameras: PTZ, fixed, dome, thermal, subsea. We can create an IP CCTV system out of various products especially for your purpose.

5 Benefits of CCTV Solutions for your operation:

  • Automated alarms through object tracking and detection
  • Recording of operations or specific events
  • Dedicated video analytics solutions for any operational challenge
  • Suitable for harsh environments; available in Ex and Non-Ex
  • Any type of application: platform, crane, offshore wind, subsea

Examples of relevant work environments

By equipping over 300 offshore exploration & production rigs with our CCTV, weighing, safeload communication solutions and our experience has become a trademark. Our CCTV systems monitor drill floors, derricks, helidecks, BOP's (with specialized subsea cameras), complete installations, and more. We enable you to increase efficiency with our private mobile communication solution and to secure your heavy lifts with our safeload indicators and dedicated crane camera system.

The Offshore Wind sector is developing rapidly, contributing to more divers and sustainable energy production. To be able to control and secure the wind farms, remote monitoring and surveillance are essential. Rolloos has equipped multiple Offshore High Voltage Stations with CCTV systems to guard the surrounding sea, integrate with Fire & Gas alarm systems or inspect system stated. All systems are ready for onshore remote monitoring and control, whether it is your power station or windmill.

Chemical plants face many similar challenges like refineries. ATEX, IECEx or UL certified systems are required at many parts of the site. Safety and (cyber) security are key. As specialist in ATEX certified solutions, Rolloos provides you with the insights you need. All our Communication, IP CCTV system and Weighing solutions are available in both Ex and non-Ex versions.

Underwater CCTV camera

Having eyes underwater can be critical to your operation. The Rolloos Subsea CCTV solutions offer a complete range of subsea equipment: an underwater CCTV camera, pan & tilt units, lights and lasers. All can be combined to fit your underwater vision needs. Save your company time and money with an underwater CCTV camera. Problems will be brought to light early enough to be fixed. You will also lower the risk for calamities that could end in major damages and stagnation of production.

The benefits of an underwater CCTV camera:

  • Prevent major damages and reduce maintenance cost through subsea inspections
  • Increase operational efficiency with integrated systems and packages
  • Clear subsea images with high resolution and low light cameras
  • All possible depths: 0 to 6.000 meter/10,000 feet below sea level
  • High output LED lights, rugged and powerful robotic positioning systems, high capacity recording devices and more

Three levels of automation

With all our systems, you will experience the importance of IP (data) integration. It enables remote monitoring, recording and analytics. Exactly the kind of safety you want for your operation. Every Rolloos IP CCTV system basically has three levels of automation:

  1. Operational assistance:
    Our crane camera system or subsea cameras during subsea positioning, as a direct (live) operational aid.
  1. Distributed monitoring:
    Complete CCTV systems to monitor and record complete operations.
  1. Integrated automation:
    Advanced video analytics are used to automate operations

All our systems provide direct live feed. Depending on your needs, we incorporate the additional functions.

Want to find out more?

Check out our CCTV solutions detailed above.

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For questions or feedback, do not hesitate to contact us via +31 10 - 4500 500 or send us an email through the form below. We'll answer your request within 24 hours.