Major challenge for the offshore industry is to be in control of remote assets. Rig managers and centralized experts lack visual contact when the rig crew requires assistance in difficult situations. Knowledge and experience must be shared over the whole fleet of rigs to increase operational efficiency. 

Live streaming of offshore CCTV video feeds is made possible and it is available to both headquarters of the drilling contractor and to the oil and gas company. It enables experts and rig managers to assist real-time, the rig crew in difficult situations. In addition, playback recordings of all footage are available for post-event analysis.


Combining dedicated hardware, optimized video streams, and Azure cloud technology, Rolloos has developed a lightweight remote monitoring solution. An offshore CCTV monitoring server records and stores high-resolution streams locally and livestreams optimized resolution video. The optimized resolution stream is then stored in an MS Azure cloud environment.

Rolloos Remote CCTV Monitoring improves efficiency and safety of your offshore operation by sharing knowledge and experience over the whole fleet of rigs. An essential tool that allows you to be visually in control of your remote assets, from everywhere, at any time.


  • Live video streams
    Providing live video footage of the programmed video streams to an onshore workstation installed on the main office.
  • Cloud storage
    Optimized resolution video recordings will be stored in an Azure cloud environment. Available to the oil & gas company and drilling contractor to monitor. 
  • Playback recordings
    Recordings of all footage, which can be downloaded locally or via the network to the onshore location.
  • Analytics & integration
    Creating automated events based on the video stream. For instance, motion and object detection.

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