Ranging from 0 to 6.000 meter below sea level

Having eyes underwater can be critical to your operation. The Rolloos Subsea CCTV solutions offer a complete range of subsea cameras, pan & tilt units, lights and lasers that can be combined to fit your underwater vision needs.

Subsea inspection and monitoring will increase the safety as it will bring problems to light early enough to be fixed. Early detection will lower the risk for calamities that could end in major damages and stagnation of production. The sooner a problem is discovered, the easier it can be fixed with lesser costs.


  • Prevent major damages and reduce maintenance cost through subsea inspections
  • Increase operational efficiency with integrated systems and packages
  • Clear subsea images with high resolution and low light cameras
  • All possible depths: 0 to 6.000 meter/10,000 feet below sea level
  • High output LED lights, rugged and powerful robotic positioning systems, high capacity recording devices and more


We build complete integrated systems and packages such as BOP inspection packages, guide wire systems, anchor bolster systems and deep-tow sleds. With a wide range of subsea products, applicable from 0 to 6.000 meter/10,000 feet below sea level, we are able to provide a solution for every subsea application!

Some subsea CCTV applications are:

  • BOP inspection packages
  • Well head CCTV system (guidewire systems)
  • Deep-tow sleds
  • Anchor bolster systems
  • Continuous monitoring of a cable sheaf used to position pipeline equipment

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