Weighing solution for hoppers, p-tanks, silos, and more

Continuous knowledge of your drilling process increases both the safety and the efficiency of your operation. Our weighing solutions provide you with the necessary information on weight, weight limits and volume. You’ll be able to work much more accurately, saving time and money.

WeighPro is a weighing system for hoppers, p-tanks, silos and pods. It gives you full insight into the contents of the tanks on your drilling installation, giving you full control over the basic ingredients for the cementing process.

The system combines the weight information from each individual tank into one user-friendly interface that can be accessed on monitors throughout the facility, e.g. in the control room, the jacking house or on the bridge. It comes with a graphic interface that shows the status of each tank in either a quick or sectional overview, giving you clear insight into the contents of all tanks.


  • Real-time insight in the contents of you tanks
  • Prevents slow-down of the drill process due to lack of ingredients for the cementing process
  • Enhances safety when moving the installation
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