Fingerboard latch monitoring

Most fingerboards on a drilling rig lack active feedback of the position of the latches. In case a latch remains closed while it should have been open, latches may break or even worse, (part of) the fingerboard may come down. This must be prevented. Providing CCTV footage of the latches to the (assistant) driller is the easiest way to actual see what you are doing and keeping the driller in the loop.


  • Increased safety on drill floor
  • Live video footage increases situational awareness and productivity of driller instantly
  • Reduction of spotters in derrick increases safety and reduces cost significantly
  • Recordings allow for verification of possible incidents
  • Active analytics increase productivity even further



The main goal of offshore drillers is to operate their rig as efficient and safe as possible. With respect to the derrick this means that one needs to avoid any potentially dangerous situation due to faulty latches and lack of feedback. Our unique efforts closes the loop by providing active visual feedback of the latches to the (assistant) driller. As a result no dedicated spotter is required on the (dangerous) drill floor.

Rolloos Fingerboard Latch Monitoring Solution for drilling rigs


  • Redundant Ex HD cameras mounted on hydraracker
  • Dedicated display in driller cabin to display live footage from upper and lower fingerboards
  • Recorder to record live operation
  • Limited number of components reduce potential failing of system significantly
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