Always have your eyes on the load

Our Rolloos Crane Camera System is an indispensable visual aid for any crane operator. In many offshore operations it’s even a mandatory safety solution.

A camera in the boom tip always points down facing the load. Through a monitor in the cabin, the operator has a full view of his loading area and hook assembly. It allows him to prevent dangerous situations and be pro-active when anything unexpected happens.



  • Bird-eye view - Of the load and loading area
  • Be pro-active - Allows operators to be pro-active in case of unexpected events
  • Reduces dangerous situations - Because operator has full awareness of situation
  • Additional cameras - A winch camera can be added to the system to increases safety and efficiency of the crane
  • Saving on labor - with a camera the driver requires less assistance


Each Rolloos Crane Camera System can connect up to 4 cameras and comes in both an Ex and a non-Ex version. A winch camera can also be added to the camera system to give a clear view of the winches and alert the operator to any damages, preventing expensive delays due to cable damage.

Our Crane Camera System consists of:

  • Monitor - Either 7”, 12“ or 15'' Ex or non-Ex
  • Control box
  • Control panel
  • Boom-tip zoom camera - Max. 2 non-Ex, max. 1 Ex zoom camera
  • Oil damped bracket - For stabilizing of boom-tip camera 
  • Winch camera - Max. 3 non-Ex, max. 2 Ex compact cameras

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