As a family business we highly value our family of customers. Quality, service and commitment take center stage to ensure we’ll bring our organization and yours to the next generation.


In 1962, after several years as independent trader, Arie Rolloos sr. together with his son, Hans Rolloos sr., founded their company, A.W. Handelsmaatschappij B.V, specializing in sales and maintenance of forklifts and military equipment.

Around 1966, after the military equipment business was taken over by a third party, Arie and Hans specialized in sales and maintenance of forklifts and crane safety equipment.

In 1975 the forklift business was separated and the sales and maintenance of crane safety equipment, weighing system and offshore related products moved forward under the name Rijnmond Engineering B.V.


After Arie and Hans Rolloos took over leadership from the father, Hans Rolloos sr., in 1996, the offshore oil & gas activities were expanded rapidly. Besides safeload systems,  customers worldwide increasingly integrated CCTV camera systems onto their rigs.  Rolloos became the measure for quality, service and commitment in the field of safety and camera systems for offshore and explosion proof environments.

In 2004 the onshore and offshore activities were marketed resp. as Rolloos Systems and Top Side Offshore Technology.


Many decades of experience in the industry, a broad, worldwide and loyal customer base and a professionally skilled team make for an iron-cast foundation. Combined with investment in innovation and process development this ensures future opportunities will be utilized.

Operations in both the onshore and the offshore industry are becoming more and more complex, with growing targets. This creates the challenge to continually increase the safety and efficiency, making integration of systems and processes and the needed innovation to do so vital.

Given this future and the ambition to realize our mission with a strong focus, Top Side Offshore Technology as of 2016 will move forward under the name Rolloos.


 Rolloos Oil & Gas will continue as FMJ Rolloos BV in Papendrecht (The Netherlands). The company became a part of the FMJ Group (www.fmj.nl), a composition of companies, active in technical services in terms of electrical-technics, instrumentation and automation. FMJ Rolloos B.V. will be responsible for sales and service of explosion proof CCTV systems, Crane Safety and Industrial Cyber Security Solutions around the world.

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