Implementing Red Zone Monitoring

Managing red zones around the drill floor continues to be a challenge in the industry. Rolloos Red Zone Monitoring system is an innovative video analytics-driven platform that informs people when they enter red zones. This system improves the drilling crew’s situational awareness, resulting in a higher level of safety and operational efficiency.

One of the most remarkable features of the Red Zone Monitoring system is its straightforward implementation. It takes only a few weeks from the start of the project to reach full operational mode. The first step is to determine safe and dangerous zones on the drill floor. Rolloos developed a drill floor template for this task, which was completed during a workshop with the drilling crew. Engaging the crew from this initial stage is essential to understand how they wish to operate, and thus enabling us to set goals and match ambitions. We subsequently translate this template into the monitoring system’s configuration. Within eight days after this,  the system is installed, commissioned, and the drill crew is accurately trained.

Our Red Zone Monitoring solution ensures a direct and active crew engagement, as the user can make adjustments to fine-tune the system whenever the situation on the drill floor changes. Rolloos, of course, provides full service and support and when needed, we can help with the required adjustments. Apart from monitoring and real-time alerting, the system also includes an interface enabling users to analyse the gathered data. Hence, once the system is operational, the analysis of the collected data will provide insightful information on how the crew effectively operates on the drill floor. This allows for performance benchmarking, as well as optimising procedures, improving the working methods everywhere on the operator’s drill floor.  

Rolloos Red Zone Monitoring’s purpose is alerting the drill crew, optimising and structuring the drilling contractor’s procedures, and improving efficiency and benchmarking of processes. Red Zone Monitoring is a cutting-edge system that must meet a number of strict technical requirements to guarantee the highest level of safety for the crew. Accuracy and latency are key. Firstly, the system should be able to locate the person on the drill floor within a maximum margin of 50cm. Secondly, once someone enters a Red Zone, the system’s response time should be less than 0.5 seconds. In other words, it should reveal a red light and signal the breach within 0.5 seconds. No other system is currently able to meet these strict requirements.

When in operation, maximising the operator’s uptime is essential. We are constantly working in harsh and heavy conditions and things can sometimes go wrong during operations. Our Service & Support team is available 24/7 to identify and solve any issue and get the system up and running again as fast as possible.

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