Rolloos exhibiting at IADC World Drilling Conference 2017

Rolloos at IADC World Drilling 2017

Each year the IADC organizes its World Drilling conference, the leadership event for wells professional. As the oil & gas industry is in a new reality, it becomes even more important to realize that new measures are needed to become as effective again as the years before oil prices fell. Strong and innovative leadership is key.


The fact that the same production levels have to be reached with less people forces drilling companies to continuously evaluate their safety and efficiency programs. Is that extra spotter really necessary? Or can we become safer and more efficient by implementing a smart CCTV system with advance video analytics? The answer is probably: YES.

Visit our booth to learn more what advanced CCTV video analytics and data analytics solutions can do to make your operation more efficient and safe.

  • CCTV Analytics
  • Big Data & Document Analytics
  • Connectivity & Private GSM
  • Industrial Cyber Security


The title of the IADC World Drilling Conference 2017 is "Enabling the Upturn: Collaboration, Integration & Technology". The industry anticipates a return to “normalcy” over the next several months, but no one is passing out guarantees. As events unfold, wells professionals should focus on what we can control, rather than what controls us. IADC World Drilling 2017 will explore how we can enable the upturn. Central to preparing for higher activity are collaboration, integration and technology. Wise implementation of these concepts can lower costs and increase value across all sectors.

Booth 30
28-29 June, 2017
Amsterdam, the Netherlands

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