Rolloos Remote CCTV Monitoring

Most offshore oil and gas installations, as well as many offshore wind farms, are equipped with CCTV systems used for keeping an eye on the process for safety and operational reasons. Rolloos now offers the possibility of making those CCTV images available onshore. Imagine having real-time visual access to your offshore assets, from any location and whenever you need it, without taking any helicopter!

Traditionally, CCTV systems are viewed only locally on the assets. However, today, our technology allows us to move a step further from this conventional approach. Remote CCTV monitoring offers several benefits. First of all, remote CCTV monitoring avoids costly and time-consuming travels to the offshore assets in order to stay up to date. In fact, rig managers, responsible for what is going on offshore but very often working onshore, want to visibly stay in touch whenever critical situations appear on site. Project engineers want to be able to give real-time comments on challenging projects, and for HSE reasons, it may be necessary to visually judge certain situations. On top of this, the rig operator’s customers might want to have a remote look as well.

The connections required for watching real-time remote visuals are often challenging, especially for installations situated many kilometres offshore. Rolloos, the specialist in connectivity solutions, has now the answer to this with Remote CCTV Monitoring. With Remote CCTV Monitoring, our customers can keep an eye on their installations from any location in the world, at any desired time. Moreover, efficiency and safety of offshore and remote operations are increased by sharing knowledge and experience across the whole fleet of rigs.

At the heart of Rolloos’ remote CCTV monitoring solution sits a secure cloud database. Instead of sending images directly from a large amount of CCTV systems on the assets to a potentially unlimited amount of onshore monitors, which could result in bandwidth overloading of the often limited satellite connections your assets are on, the CCTV images are being sent from each asset to this secure cloud database. The images that arrive in the cloud can be viewed from any place in the world, without delays caused by congestion on the “digital highway”. Furthermore, the addition of a small server to the system offers recording possibilities and basic video analytics. Hence, the system makes possible not only live streaming, but also playback of your CCTV video feeds.

Finally, cybersecurity is a key topic and concern at Rolloos. For this reason, we have made our Remote CCTV Monitoring system safe and secure. Our customers are fully in control of granting people permission for viewing the live and/or recorded video streams via individual login accounts that are connected to one specific device per user.

Oil & gas operators must constantly keep control of their hazardous operations. Remote CCTV monitoring makes this task much easier, less frustrating and time-consuming. It is a very powerful tool: whatever the crew can see on the platform, you can see onshore. This enables centralised experts to effectively assist the rig crews. Other existing CCTV monitoring solutions are often too complex and demanding for its purpose. Rolloos’ Remote CCTV Monitoring system is easy to install on, and implement into, existing systems, making it a simple and cost-efficient plug & play solution. It is suitable for any analogue or digital CCTV system. Whether installed on existing systems or supplied in a complete package, it goes without saying that, should the need arise, you can always rely on our 24/7 after-sales service.

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