360º view for optimizing rig operation

Major challenge for the offshore industry is to be in control of remote assets. Knowledge and experience must be shared over the whole fleet of rigs to improve operational efficiency.

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Monitoring conditional red zones during drilling operations

With multiple people working in a small (hazardous) space surrounded by heavy equipment, drilling operations can be tough. Drilling crew and operators are used to working with so-called red zones. These zones are high-risk areas on the drill floor but despite this, the drilling crew still needs to enter these zones in order to perform specific tasks. This obviously leads to contradictory operational instructions.

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Optimizing Operational Procedures with Rolloos Red Zone Service

Rolloos Red Zone Service has been introduced to improve safety and efficiency on the drill floor by raising situational awareness and alerting the crew. However, apart from its monitoring and alerting features, the system has a lot more to offer, such as optimizing operational procedures.

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Viewport: Instant insights in your technical documentation

Throughout their development and existence, companies build significant knowledge and experience. Part of this knowledge is reflected in skilled employees, but usually, most of it has been documented and today, information is digitally retrieved, collected, stored, and shared. This information can be found in multiple formats such as technical drawings, procedures, service manuals, and maintenance schedules.

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