Maersk Drilling Improves Efficiency and Safety with Rolloos Red Zone Monitoring

The presence of people on a drill rig is, although crucial, also a risk. At Maersk Drilling, great effort has been put into helping the drill crew to work as efficiently and safely as possible.

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Rolloos Remote CCTV Monitoring

Most offshore oil and gas installations, as well as many offshore wind farms, are equipped with CCTV systems used for keeping an eye on the process for safety and operational reasons. Rolloos now offers the possibility of making those CCTV images available onshore. Imagine having real-time visual access to your offshore assets, from any location and whenever you need it, without taking any helicopter!

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Fleet-Wide Remote Vessel Monitoring

Rolloos, together with its partner OSIsoft, has designed a solution for Royal IHC. For this shipbuilder, we developed a fleet-wide remote vessel-monitoring platform, based on OSIsoft’s PI System.

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Making red zones safe

People on the drill floor may be required to perform specific jobs in areas in which heavy equipment might be moving around. These high-risk areas are called red zones. One of the challenges is to increase the situational awareness of the crew. Rolloos has therefore developed the easy-to-implement Red Zone Monitoring system that makes working on the drill floor as easy as crossing the street.

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