Viewport: Instant insights in your technical documentation

Throughout their development and existence, companies build significant knowledge and experience. Part of this knowledge is reflected in skilled employees, but usually, most of it has been documented and today, information is digitally retrieved, collected, stored, and shared. This information can be found in multiple formats such as technical drawings, procedures, service manuals, and maintenance schedules.

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Implementing Red Zone Monitoring

Managing red zones around the drill floor continues to be a challenge in the industry. Rolloos Red Zone Monitoring system is an innovative video analytics-driven platform that informs people when they enter red zones. This system improves the drilling crew’s situational awareness, resulting in a higher level of safety and operational efficiency.

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Rolloos Fingerboard Latch Monitoring

The main goal of offshore drillers is to operate their rig as efficiently and safely as possible. As far as the derrick is concerned, faulty fingerboard latches and lack of feedback could lead to dangerous situations.

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Maersk Drilling Improves Efficiency and Safety with Rolloos Red Zone Monitoring

The presence of people on a drill rig is, although crucial, also a risk. At Maersk Drilling, great effort has been put into helping the drill crew to work as efficiently and safely as possible.

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