New name Top Side Offshore Technology


Our family business was founded in 1962 and in 50 years has grown into what we are today: an international operating system integrator. In 2005 the choice was made to proceed with the offshore industry activities under the name Top Side Offshore Technology. Although this has brought us many good things, internally we’ve always remained one family. This is what we are again for you too: ROLLOOS.

Service, quality solutions and direct communication are always extremely important to us. This is driven by our passion for technology and commitment to our customers. It feels more like a family and that is exactly what we wish to make you experience: being part of our family!


As techies we love accepting technical challenges. Preferably together with you. If we’d have it our way, we’d work day and night on new and innovative solutions that help your organization operate more efficient and safe. We leverage data and information into action-focused insights.

Although this might be self-evident, there is a big difference between information (data) and the things you can do with it. What you want is being able to draw conclusions or gain insights that help you optimize your organization or processes.

This is why it’s always our goal to look beyond which sensor you need to measure something. Together we make sure that you know which insights you need to able to act quickly. Leveraging information into insights together is exactly what INSIGHT INFORMATION for us is all about.


Besides the fact that our new look & feel makes us proud, in the end only one thing really matters: supporting our customers with smart solutions and excellent service. Whether this is an intelligent CCTV system or a cyber security solution, we are here for you to help built a more effective and safe operation.

Should you have a challenge for us or just a question, please contact us. We look forward to visiting you!


Top Side Offshore Technology






To quickly receive an offer or for questions and feedback, please send us an email through the form below or contact us via +31 10 - 4500 500.

For questions or feedback, do not hesitate to contact us via +31 10 - 4500 500 or send us an email through the form below. We'll answer your request within 24 hours.