Rolloos delivers its telecommunication system for Elia's OSY platform

Rolloos provided its loyal customer, Heerema Fabrication Group and its end client, Elia, with a fully integrated Offshore Telecommunication System, including an innovative, flexible and cost-effective IP CCTV system. Helping Elia with increased efficiency, by remote onshore access and advanced analytics.

In 2018, Rolloos was awarded the design, building and commissioning of its offshore Telecommunication System by the EPC&I contractor, Heerema Fabrication Group. The Telecommunication system was commissioned for Elia's Offshore Offshore SwitchYard (OSY) Platform, for Elia’s Modular Offshore Grid project.

The project was completed throughout the first quarter of 2019. Rolloos’ CamPro CCTV system, integrated with general alarm system, including radio, automatic weather and bird expel systems, was successfully delivered earlier this month at Heerema's yard in Zwijndrecht, the Netherlands. While completing commissioning, we fine-tuned the last details and functionalities of the system in collaboration with Heerema. All of this, in order to deliver the best possible solution to Elia.

Last Friday, April 5, the topside of Elia's OSY platform has left Heerema Fabrication Group's construction site.
The first step towards its final destination in the Belgian North Sea.


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