Optimizing Operational Procedures with Rolloos Red Zone Service

Rolloos Red Zone Service has been introduced to improve safety and efficiency on the drill floor by raising situational awareness and alerting the crew. However, apart from its monitoring and alerting features, the system has a lot more to offer, such as optimizing operational procedures.

Current working instructions

For the efficient and safe execution of activities on drilling rigs, extensive text instructions are often used that describe standard procedures in detail. These instructions, for example, indicate when and where one is allowed to enter certain areas on the drill floor. Despite this, most operators are practical oriented and hence prefer a visual approach to learning (for instance, by means of images), rather than reading extensive text, especially when instructions are written down in so many steps. Sometimes 50 or more steps are described for the specific operational procedure and as one can imagine, learning and memorising these steps by heart is difficult. In addition, the situation on board sometimes changes, or drilling workers deviate from the manuals in their actions on board. This leads to differences between the manuals and the real situation.

Rolloos' Process Optimization template

To overcome these challenges Rolloos has developed special Red Zone Service templates in collaboration with the drill crew. It is thank to this approach that we have acknowledged the disadvantages of these extensive instructions. Reason why, together with one of our customers, we have taken up the gauntlet and have developed a solution to simplify the drill crew’s life. Inspired by the whiteboard presentations that soccer coaches use for explaining game tactics, a storyboard solution is designed that can bring a written description of 40 steps down to just 8-10 illustrated steps. The steps visually describe procedures step-by-step and efficiently and transparently reveal the red zones.

The storyboards are very useful for training purposes and for toolbox meetings before the start of an operation. They also act as a baseline for the most desirable situation on board of a rig, making working on the drill floor, safer, faster to learn, and more efficient. Like any other Rolloos solution, this Red Zone Service storyboard tool is yet another example of our wish to create practical, easy-to-learn and user-friendly tools for improving offshore efficiency and safety.

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