Making red zones safe

People on the drill floor may be required to perform specific jobs in areas in which heavy equipment might be moving around. These high-risk areas are called red zones. One of the challenges is to increase the situational awareness of the crew. Rolloos has therefore developed the easy-to-implement Red Zone Monitoring system that makes working on the drill floor as easy as crossing the street.

One of the main characteristics of this smart system is that by using traffic lights, the crew members always know the situation on the work floor but in an interactive way, as they must constantly be aware of what they are doing. This means they do not have the false sense of security that is often the case with fully automated systems where people still have to stay focussed on safety every minute they spend on the drill floor.

In addition to the real-time improvement in safety, the system also collects an enormous amount of data that can be used for standardising procedures in a structured manner for future operations. This provides essential insights into how drilling procedures can be enhanced, both for existing and future operations, resulting in higher efficiency and cost-reduction. The data can also be used for training purposes. This makes it very easy for crews to get used to the situation on any other platform.

Our Red Zone Monitoring system is based on an innovative computer vision technology that works with information collected from a stable work situation and combined in a so-called Red Zone Matrix. Should the situation on the drill floor change, we can easily implement modifications within a few days to keep the system up-to-date at all times.

The technique used is only half of the Red Zone Monitoring story. In order to make use of the system in the most appropriate way and to help companies to get the most out of it, we put ample effort into supporting our customers. With our in-house support crews, we take care of training and consulting, maintenance, and remote support.

The effectiveness and efficiency of the Red Zone Monitoring system is evidence of our expertise and shows how we are able to find the best combination of hardware, software, and the use of our extensive domain knowledge.

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