Rolloos Subsea Pan&Tilt Units

For a deep-sea mining project Rolloos has been awarded to supply subsea pan&tilt units.

At 5 km water depth, polymetallic (manganese) nodules from the ocean floor are collected with a deep-sea mining nodule collector. These nodules contain rare earth elements needed for modern electronics, like cell phones and computers. The working conditions at 5 km water depth are extreme.

Our subsea pan&tilt units can deal with these conditions, which is already proven: our client has successfully used the same pan&tilt units for an identical project. A crawler vehicle maneuvers over the seabed, collects mineral rich nodules from the sea floor and will transport them to a surface vessel. This subsea mining activities are monitored from different positions by using our subsea pan&tilt units together with cameras and lights.


To quickly receive an offer or for questions and feedback, please send us an email through the form below or contact us via +31 10 - 4500 500.

For questions or feedback, do not hesitate to contact us via +31 10 - 4500 500 or send us an email through the form below. We'll answer your request within 24 hours.