The energy landscape is developing rapidly. Offshore wind project are being developed throughout large areas in the North Sea and in other areas in the world. All contributing to a more divers and sustainable energy production. To be able to control and secure wind farms, remote monitoring and surveillance is essential. Rolloos has equipped multiple Offshore High Voltage Stations with integrated CCTV and communication systems to guard the surrounding sea, integrate with Fire & Gas alarm systems or inspect system stated. All systems are ready for onshore remote monitoring and control, whether it is your power station or windmill.

Substations like Dan Tysk, Wikinger, Dolwin and more we have equiped with our CCTV surveillance and monitoring solutions. As they are unmanned, stability and integrity of the complete system is of the utmost importance. This can only be realized by working in a strong partnership with our customers.


  • Remote (onshore) monitoring or your offshore operation with our IP CCTV systems and data networking solutions.
  • Integration with other systems (e.g. Fire & Gas) increase your operational connectivity.
  • Strong and loyal partner with broad expertise in CCTV, Connectivity and Data Analytics.
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