Prevent damage to your crane with Rolloos Safe-Load

You regularly read about incidents and accidents with cranes during lifting and hoisting activities. Often this could easily have been prevented. Our safe load indicator solutions are your essential aid for safe crane operations and to prevent unnecessary damage to your equipment. Our Rolloos safe-load solutions make sure your operation is safe during lifting and hoisting activities, but still ensures you can utilize the maximum machine capacity. This saves time and money. That's not just good news for you, but also for your customer.

Our safeload systems offer the operator full insight into the forces of the lifting and hoisting process. The system calculated the safe working envelope and blocks unsafe movements. The operator continuously sees the lifting capacity over the full reach and the actual load on hook. A smart display and optional audible alarms warn when the limits are approached. The operator can quickly and safely move the crane to a safe working position.



  • Increases the safety of your projects
  • Prevents accidents and decreases the risk for damages
  • Increases the speed of operation and the efficiency of a project
  • Audible alarms warn the operator and bystanders
  • Machine-data can be saved for analyses and optimization


All systems measure the load on hook via load cells. The data of these load cells is processed in a central processing unit (CPU), presenting the relevant information to the crane operator on a digital monitor. We also have more simple systems available, without readouts and fully mechanical systems.

Our systems contain the following parts:

  • Load cell that measures the load
  • Digital monitor with CPU that processes and presents the data
  • Speaker giving alarms at (threatening) overload
  • Optional: data recorder for logging time, date, load, flight, SWL, etc.
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