Prevent your rig from being hacked

As the importance of digital information grows and the world becomes increasingly dependent on interconnected systems. The damages that are caused by a computer virus or a hacker grow exponentially. You don’t want your drilling equipment to be hacked. In order to protect your assets and operation against cyber-crime, cyber security needs to have the highest priority.


  • Drilling equipment that is hacked might end up in an uncontrolled situation
  • 81% of large companies have been under attack, causing exponentially increasing consequential costs
  • Common solutions are vulnerable: air gaps introduce delays, data leakage and spreading of viruses and malware, any (software) firewall can be hacked


  • Maximum protection - Against viruses, hacking activity and espionage
  • Hardware based solution - Eliminates all external software vulnerabilities
  • Real-time monitoring - Of your systems while being fully secured
  • Supports most protocols - Modbus, OPC UA, DNP3 and more


The DataDiode one-way data connection protects the integrity and availability of critical assets in Industrial Control System (ICS) networks. Due to its one-way character it allows you to monitor your (drilling) operation and BOP, but ensures that all cyber-attacks are unsuccessful. Other than a Firewall, the DataDiode is a purely hardware solution that cannot be hacked.

  • Based on a light emitter and a light receiver: two-way data transfer in front, one-way data transfer behind
  • The DataDiode is placed between your key critical systems (e.g. BOP, drilling equipment, thrusters, etc.) and your corporate (office) network
  • Easy to implement: all major data protocols and transfer modes can be handled (Modbus, OPC UA, DNP3 and more)
Rolloos DataDiode Highest Certified


The recommended set-up includes the DataDiode hardware unit and a proxy server on each side of the unit in order to convert bi-directional protocols into a one-way protocol (on the upstream side) and vice versa (on the downstream side). These proxy servers are equipped with turnkey software solutions to hook into environments and provide secure one-way data transfer from production networks to a corporate environment.

The DataDiode solution consists of the following elements:

  • 2 historians - 1 historian to collect the original data and 1 replicator historian that can be accessed remotely
  • 2 proxy servers - On both ends of the DataDiode hardware
  • DataDiode hardware - The core  hardware-based security solution


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