ComPro Mobile Communication

During offshore and hazardous operations, it’s a challenge to communicate in a safe and efficient way. This stands in huge contrast to public life, were smartphones increase our safety and efficiency every day.

Our Rolloos ComPro Private LTE solution enables you to communicate with Ex-smartphones or tablets anywhere on your rig, above and below deck. We’ll create a private 4G/LTE network that allows for wireless voice communication, data transfer and localization. This way we’ll create your mobile worker, above deck and below.

  • Solid communication
    GSM is the best way to cope with steel structures and is dedicated for voice and data transfer
  • Faster communication
    Direct 1-on-1 mobile communication in all conditions
  • Safe operations
    Track & trace workers in case of an emergency
  • Efficient
    Implement dedicated apps
  • Secured
    Nobody else can use your private network


Communication is nice, connectivity is better. Connectivity enables you to have full access to all types of data that is important for you to improve your efficiency and ensure a safe operation. Bring voice, data, alarms and location into a single device.


Your ultimate goal is to increase your efficiency to the max. Therefore you need to utilize your connectivity by implementing dedicated apps on your Ex mobile devices.

Some ideas for dedicated applications to benefit from:

  • Access to ERP - Up-to-date inventory data and access to service history through ERP based apps
  • Permit to work - e-working permits reduce overhead and increase operational control
  • Safety apps - Create safer workplaces with SafetyChanger: Inspections, Incidents, Actions
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