360º view for optimizing rig operation

Major challenge for the offshore industry is to be in control of remote assets. Knowledge and experience must be shared over the whole fleet of rigs to improve operational efficiency.

Rolloos Remote Fleet Monitoring: Transforming your remote operational data into a fleet-wide optimization platform

At Rolloos, we offer a broad range of solutions designed to help rig operators to enable predictive maintenance and improve service quality. Our analytics solutions provide tools to organize, transform, and distribute knowledge and experience. Transforming daily data into valuable insights to improve operational quality and efficiency. Most offshore installations are equipped with CCTV systems, which provide visual feedback and guarantee safe and efficient operations. In everyday practice, images from CCTVs installed on critical locations on rigs can be viewed real-time and in high-resolution through a server present on board. In this way, the daily operation can be monitored on a permanent basis in order to keep the process efficient and safe. Rolloos adds a unique feature to this with a cloud-based video management system. An offshore CCTV monitoring server records and stores high-resolution streams locally and livestreams optimised resolution video. The optimized resolution stream is then stored in an MS Azure cloud environment. The solution is optimized for limited satellite communication, determining a low bandwidth consumption, which reduces the necessary amount of bits to be transmitted.

Improving the workflow

The images collected from the CCTVs can be used for post-event analysis and for improving the workflow on board of a rig, for example as training material for drilling crew. Furthermore, live video streaming to onshore offices enables experts and rig managers to assist the rig crew in real-time in difficult situations. Moving a step further, the combination of remote access to video streams from offshore CCTV systems with edge-to-cloud data acquisition from sensors on board of the rig can be used for analysing processes and procedures. This provides a valuable 360° view on rig operations in order to improve quality of maintenance and service. One of the big advantages of Rolloos’ Fleet Monitoring Solutions lies in the fact that they are designed ad hoc for remote access purposes. They are also available individually: instead of buying a full package with the risk of receiving tools will not be used, choices can be made from the various solutions based on the customer’s demands. Starting with simple data collection, the customer can in a later stage decide to further extend towards more sophisticated tools. Apart from this, Rolloos uses the OSIsoft PI System, an open system, for data collection and monitoring. Hence, apart from expanding with the various Rolloos tools, third-party software can also be easily implemented into the system.

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